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The Church

What is the Church?  Why do we have a Church?  What is the purpose of the Church? How is the Church supposed to function?  These questions will be the target of our new Sunday night teaching series, "The Church: Identity, Purpose, and Mission." 

This series will last for three months with four Sunday nights each.  Each month will have its own focus.  

January:  The Identity of the Church

January 8: "The Elect People of God" Pastor Ernesto (Listen)

January 15: "The Redeemed People of God" Pastor Ben (Listen)

January 22:  "The Holy People of God" Intern Pablo (Listen)

January 29:  "The United People of God" Intern Glem (Listen)

February:  The Purpose of the Church

February 5: "Worship: The Ultimate Purpose" Pastor Ben (Listen)

February 12: "Corporate Worship" Pastor Ernesto (Listen)

February 19: "Forever Worship" Pastor Ben (Listen)

February 26: "Love as Worship" Intern Glem (Listen)

March:  The Mission of the Church

March 5: "Making More Worshippers" Pastor Ben (Listen)

March 12: "Influence in the Community" Intern Pablo (Listen)

March 19: "M.I.A., Mission in Action not Missing in Action" (Listen)

March 26: "Home Missions" Pastor Ben (Listen)