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Mark: Race You to the Cross

The Gospel of Mark is the shortest and fastest moving of the accounts of Jesus' life.  Join us on Sunday nights as we join Mark on his race to the cross as he shows us the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of the most consequential man who ever walked this earth.  As we look at Mark's account of Jesus we'll be challenged and encouraged to follow Jesus along the path of discipleship.

Mark 1:1-13 "God Made Man" Listen

Mark 1:14-20 "The Kingdom's Message and Mission" (Aaron Lira) Listen

Mark 1:21-45 "Miracles of Redemption" Listen

Mark 2:1-17 "Healed Inside and Out" Listen

Mark 2:18–3:6 "Jesus in Context"  Listen

Mark 3:7–21 "Who is this Man?" (Joe Cristman) Listen